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"I couldn’t have imagined, before my time in MPC Theatre Arts, that I would work on Hollywood movie sets, television, or theatre stages in Europe."
     - Jeromy Rutter -



Nine whimsical tales of love & frostbite, in a show that has been called
a cross between Thornton Wilder & The Twilight Zone!


For Tickets call 831-646-4213 or Buy Online

Welcome to Almost, Maine, a town so far north, it's almost not in the United States. It's almost in Canada. And it almost doesn't exist. Because it's residents just never got around to incorporating it. So it's just...Almost. One cold, clear night in the middle of winter, while the northern lights hover in the sky above, Almost's residents find themselves falling in and out of love in strange ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts broken. Love is lost, found, and confounded. And life for the people of Almost will never be the same.

Almost Maine: It's love. But not quite.

Bitten by the acting bug? Want to be in ALMOST, MAINE? Click here...Audition Info


In January of 2014, The Monterey Peninsula College Theatre Program lost 80% of it's operating budget and half of it's classified support staff due to state cuts to community colleges. This short film is an overview of the Theatre's importance to our community.

For Information on please visit the following links.

Far From Saved: MPC Theatre Company's New Normal

Listen Here


Read the Coast Weekly coverage here and here

Please take a moment to read this longish file for more information about the proposal to cut funding and positions in the MPC Theatre Arts Department. Read Document

UPDATE!! As January 22, 2014 MPC President Dr. Walter Tribley and the MPC Board of Trustees tentatively agreed to a proposed compromise to their original proposal to cut 82% of the theatre’s budget ($500,000) and layoff all four of  the MPC Theatre’s Classified support staff, effectively ending live theatrical productions on the Morgan Stock stage. Thanks in great part to overwhelming public outcry and letters in support of the MPC Theatre program, this compromise proposal reduces the budget cut to approximately 75% and retains 2 of the support staff. While far from ideal, this will at least allow productions to continue, albeit on a much more limited scale than in the past. This also makes our fundraising efforts even more critical for our continued existence. YOUR continued support is very important!


Flex Tickets available from the box office!!!
Contact the Box Office for information. 831-646-4213
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